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Check out all of my wings and some exclusive behind the scenes photos from the Victoria's secret Fashion Shows



December 5, 2018

Hello everyone!! Super excited to be sharing this Vlog with you because you have been asking for me to make a “getting ready for events” vlog! And what better event to show you my glam process than the Victoria’s Secret Show viewing party! In this video you can see my whole hair and makeup process, my outfit and even a peak at the viewing party!

November 27, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so excited to share my Thanksgiving with you guys! Come along with me and see all the work that went into my 40 person dinner! I starting prepping three days before!

November 21, 2018

So excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow and just made this delicious recipe this week that is perfect for the fall/winter months! It is so hearty, delicious, filling, and…HEALTHY! If you can believe it, It is a healthy turkey chili! I actually used vegan cheese instead of normal just to try it, and it was pretty good! But if you don't have any dietary restrictions I recommend normal cheese!

November 21, 2018

Today I wanted to share with you a tour of my closets in my NYC apartment! I would like to think of my self as a fairly organized person-- which is SUPER important when living in a small Nw York apartment! When you are crammed for space, staying organized is key to not losing your mind and fitting more than you ever thought! In this video if share with you some of my tips and tricks to keeping everything in order!


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